about us

Small company – doing Big things

We write. We write poetry. We write poetry about… • love • joy • peace • happiness • unity • family • faith • understanding • forgiveness • motivation • inspiration • knowledge • justice & truth. We put our hearts into our poetry & then we put our poetry on stuff. Lots of stuff – from t-shirts to air fresheners to posters to bumper stickers. We put our poetry on all of this stuff in the hopes that you will see it, read it, feel it, understand it, try it, buy it, apply it, live it, give it, share it, wear it - and help us spread the word… that when poetry is in motion – showcasing the positive messages of… • love • joy • peace • happiness • unity • family • understanding • faith • forgiveness • motivation • inspiration • knowledge • justice & truth – the World is a Beautiful Place… as it slowly spins & turns @peace in the vastness of space - like true - POETRY IN MOTION… designed for the enjoyment & pleasure of the whole human race. That's what we do. Spread the Word.


Walking a tightrope
With no net - just hope.
Flying high without a chute
Using my faith as a substitute
Taking the pain without taking the pills
Feeling stronger - living longer
Relying on my inner will
Believing in my beliefs
Has brought me peace, serenity, and relief...
Leaving me no doubt
That in the end - it's never over
Until it's all worked out.


People living on the good side looking down on people
Living on the bad side wondering what to do - but
Remember, they've got the better view - they're
Looking up at u - so keep your house in order and give
Life your best
Love thy neighbor as thy love thyself
...And God will take care of the rest.


Happiness is... watching the moon glow & the sun set.
Happiness is paying... off all of your debts.
Happiness is riding a bike or doing anything you really like.
Happiness is getting caught in a sunbeam on a cloudy day or
Watching your favorite team go all the way
Happiness is going fishing
Cloud watching, or day dreaming and wishing
Happiness is out in the yard grilling
Or kick'n back, relax'n & chill'n
Happiness is always feeling up
Like the wag'n tail of a playful pup
Happiness is...feeling like a star
Happy being u & who u are.
Happiness is... watching the moon glow & the sun rise
Happy to be able to open my eyes.
Happiness is...
Different things for u - different things for me
But best of all...come rain or shine